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...or the so-called Manifesto


We all love to share a good story

Branding is about telling a story to real people, sharing an emotion, creating a link.


One has to take/raise the story to where the audience is.

No matter if it's on a printed catalog, a website, a smartphone or even a brain implant.


There is a unique experience to live in each story told.

Make use of each brand's passion and cast an experience focused on the user, able to captivate the audience.


Carefully observe from all angles...

...but never forget that all great stories
are written from the audience's point of view.


The content is the main actor.

Design based on good copy and good photography is half-way to telling a successfull story. Users and search engines will appreciate it.


For every interaction there will always be a (re)action.

An interface is an exchange of information for an answer. Only simplicity and clarity in this dialog allow the user to be a part of it.


Design is to know how to sell a story.

Design is 30% about how it looks, 70% about how it works, 100% about how to sell the story well and get results.


(what you see is what you get).

When the impersonal and disperse reign, be the difference: a dedicated craftsman of told "jewels", passionate and transparent, always.